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Home Security Tips For Renters

Given the fact that there are many more people renting than ever before in Australia, landlords and tenants need to understand exactly how to keep their rental premises secure and safe. Obviously, being an owner of any kind of property, the safety and security of the property itself are of high importance. Property owners would not want any intruders entering their property and cause such major loss. The following are a few practical home security tricks that apply in particular to the rental sector market.

Can tenants get the locks changed?

The majority of renters have a typical residential occupancy contract, according to which they agree not to ever get the locks or other security equipment updated without a sensible excuse. A sensible excuse includes:

• An unexpected emergency

• A command of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

• A tenant completes his or her occupancy

• An apprehended assault order forbids a tenant or resident from the property.

When the property owner is in agreement, an occupant can get the locks replaced, even with no reasonable excuse. In any other case, the occupant has seven days to give the landlord a duplicate of the brand new key (or the new ways of entry).

Can renters add an added level of security?

The quick answer is no unless of course there is a fair excuse or the landlord is in agreement. Window safety equipment is another situation. Every above-ground window has often been recognized as a safety risk for kids, which means it should have child safety locks. Nevertheless, this is merely applicable to strata buildings managed under the Strata Schemes Management Act back in  2015 and it is the landlord’s accountability to set up the locks.

How property owners can help renters to feel protected?

Landlords can assist tenants to feel protected by noticing the terms of the regular residential occupancy contract. For starters, property owners must give and keep locks (or other means of protection) so as to make sure the properties are “reasonably secure”. The law offers no evident meaning of “reasonably secure”, however insurance organizations can provide guidance. It may be helpful to inquire them what locks and security equipment they need to secure home contents. In case the property does not match their criteria, it may not be “reasonably secure” and you might need to update the security.

How property owners can keep their property secure?

Amongst the best steps to maintain a rental property secure, is by the use of a restricted key system. This will make sure that keys can solely be duplicated by an authorized individual. It will provide you total control over who has accessibility to your premise, even as your renters come and go.

How Southwest locksmiths can help keep your property safe?

Commercial properties contain valuable business assets and equipment. It is important to keep them safe with the help of security lock systems. At All Time Locksmiths Southwest we can help with all kinds of commercial locksmith services from installation to key replacement. If you are looking for an emergency Locksmith South West, you are the right place.

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