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Know Whether Master Key Systems Are For You

Every commercial property owner knows exactly how difficult it can be to ensure that the security and safety of their property are maintained at all times. One of the primary reasons why this becomes challenging is because commercial properties and industrial ones tend to be very spread out.

This also means there would be multiple entry and exit points as well as a number of different sections, departments, rooms, floors etc. In some settings, it becomes important to segregate the different areas on a property and allow only specific people access to specific spaces.

This is where the challenge lies. When you opt for traditional locks and keys for access systems, you will have multiple keys to deal with. As the property owner, you would want access to every area on your property. Your managers may require access only to specific spaces. Employees and staff members may have restricted entry to certain floors where there are offices.

Your housekeeping staff would need to access all the areas of the building in order to carry out their daily tasks. When there are so many different access levels required in a particular setting, managing the security can prove to be quite difficult. This is where master key systems save the day. This system gives specific access levels to specific individuals.

About Master Key Systems

Let’s take a look at how the system works and why it is so advantageous for business owners. A master key system would have different keys with different access levels such as:

  • The change key is on the lowest rung of a master key system. Some people also refer to it as a sub-master key, and it can be used to open doors that have identical locks.
  • The master key opens multiple locks within a specific group. It can also potentially open all the locks in a particular structure. This depends on the number of levels and branches within that master key system.
  • If you have a very last property or have a very complex access requirement, it is possible to create change keys and master keys that open demarcated spaces on your property.
  • In fact, it is also possible to add a grand master key level. This grand master key can provide access to all the spaces within a certain group of keys.

The Convenience Of A Master Key System

While there are a number of different benefits to using master key systems, one of the most important ones is that it offers convenience. A single key can be used to access multiple spaces which means you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around with you every day. Specific people get access only to certain areas within your office, retail establishment or industrial setting. This significantly increases the security levels of your property.

Since master key systems have patent protection, the manufacturer cannot duplicate your system for any other client, which also adds to the security level of the system. If you need duplicate keys are want to alter access levels, you would have to contact the master key system designer.

For any more information about our services or master key system solutions, feel free to call South West Locksmiths today or connect with us via our Online Form.