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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe With Locks

Securing the exterior windows and doors is a crucial component of maintaining the security levels of your home. Since there is a wide selection of security products available on the market today, it important to choose ones that will meet the needs of your property. Here we take a look at how you can keep your home safe with locks.

  1. Exterior Doors

All the exterior doors should always be secured with good quality locks that have key cylinders on the outside as well as the inside. These locks can either be mortice-mounted or surface fixtures. A mortice is essentially a recess or cavity cut into the door, in which the lock mechanism is located. The system you choose will be dependent on aspects such as ease of installation and appearance. Surface-mounted locks are also referred to as rim locks and are generally far simpler to install.

Once you have decided whether you want a mortice-mounted or surface lock, you would also have to choose between deadlatches and deadbolts. Deadlatches have a self-latching mechanism that contains spring-actuated latch bolts. These latches automatically lock the doors and they are released by keys on the inside and exterior of the door.

  1. Locks for Sliding Doors

Deadbolts are very similar to spring latches. The primary difference is that deadbolts do not have a spring mechanism. You would need a key to lock & unlock these systems. Deadlatches, deadbolts, and deadlocks are very commonly fitted on front doors of houses. If you have other doors such as patio doors, French doors, and other multifold doors, you should consider getting patio bolts installed on them.

They release very quickly and the bolt slides into the ground or the upper frame of the door. Even if you have these features installed on the sliding and French doors, it is a good idea to insert metal wedges or dowels into the tracks. This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of preventing the door from being opened.

  1. Screen Door Locks

If you have a screen door in your home, it’s likely the lock that came with it isn’t very strong. One of the best ways to improve the security of your screen door is to get a mortice lock installed. Your local locksmith would be able to handle this job efficiently for you.

  1. Side and Back Gate Locks

The side and back gates of your property are particularly vulnerable to break-ins. This is because they are largely out of sight from the street. It allows burglars and thieves to break the locks and enter the property unnoticed by anyone. The one way to avoid the chances of this occurring is to get good quality padlocks installed on the back and side gates of your property.

When you are choosing locks for doors in your home, make it a point to consult with a credible locksmith. Get their opinion on what type of locks would work well for the different doors on your property. Secure your property using alarm systems and CCTV systems as well. For any more information about the different types of locks you can use, feel free to call South West Locksmiths or send us your requirements via this Online Form.